Who is my Coaching for?

Who is my coaching for?

You are checking all the boxes on your to do list and are still Unfulfilled

Are successful at work but can not seem to have success in relationships

Questioning your purpose in life

Wondering who you are deep inside

Want to live life on your terms

Want to feel fulfilled and satisfied in every area of your life

Want a peak existence not just a peak state

People who are leaders in their life

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Arousal, Pleasure and Personal Responsibility

Its ok for your body to have a response to stimulus but understand just because you find something arousing doesn’t mean others do or that the arousing persons’ intention is to arouse. On the other hand if you don’t experience arousal you need to shame yourself for that either. We all experience arousal and pleasure in different ways!

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Broken Phones and Spiritual Growth Opportunities

It is often said to be careful what you wish for you just might get it…especially when spiritual growth is involved! Whatever you are praying for, the universe/God/Goddess will send you an opportunity to practice those principles. I find it funny that both people I discussed this with (prior to me writing this) used the example of patience. They start praying for patience and all of a sudden they get all these opportunities to practice patience- meaning that trying to get stuff done starts taking a long time, they get stuck in line, stuck behind slow cars, deal with bad drivers…..you get the picture.

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Astrology, Identity, Self Presentation and Closets

There’s always a level of discomfort when it comes to change even if it’s change for the better sometimes there’s a sense of loss. In the bigger picture: it’s not a loss of ourselves, it’s an integration of a piece of our selves or a transformation.

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When De-Cluttering Becomes a Spiritual Practice

Last night I was listening to the talk on releasing the belief in lack. The belief in lack is one of the ways that fear manifests. The talk was explaining that you don’t even know if you’re lacking some things until the time comes (future) so any belief in lack or not enough is based in the past somewhere- therefore we are not being truly present in the moment.

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