In Person Immersion Experiences:

Tantra Sessions

Kink Exploration

Body Mapping

Single, Couples, Small Groups

Every Immersion session is unique and catered to your individual needs.

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Tantra Sessions

For couples and singles. Connect with energy, learn tantric principles and expand your understanding of pleasure. Sacred  spot, tantric touch, yoni, lignum 'massage'. Experience multi orgasmic states.

Kink Exploration

Did you buy some toys and are not quite sure how to use them? I will help you! Learn sensation based kink and psychological kink.

Guided Experiences

Great for couples looking to spice up their relationship!

Erotic Blueprints(tm)

Lean more about how the blueprints show up in your body. Where do you want to expand?

Body Mapping

Body mapping is a process we use to literally 'map' how your body experiences arousal and pleasure.

Everyone is wired to receive pleasure differently. Using the Erotic Blueprint types(tm) we section the body and test different sensations and touches to see how you respond.

Body mapping is great for couples and singles. Holistic Progressions offers bespoke retreats where body mapping is often a most often requested session!

Through Body Mapping, I will help you ( and your partner/s) discover how you are specifically wired to receive pleasure and go deeper into what your Core Erotic Blueprint is.

*All sessions are

completely confidential and

non- judgmental*

Here is a template of what to expect at an in person immersion session:

First we will start the session with an embodiment practice,

Second we do some talking....

Why you are here/your main intentions. What you hope to experience/acompolish.

Any challenges you are having that you are ready to resolve.

Exploring the the Blueprints, (if you don't know your blueprint type take the

quiz here.) 

Third, you will learn to have consent and boundaries conversations so as a result, you can recreate a safe container in your real life.

Next is the body mapping/tantra/kink/guided/ teaching  experience!**

Upon completion of the body mapping experience and aftercare and speak into wins, insights and learnings.

Finally we plan next steps and integration

The session location is at St Pete Retreat located in St Petersburg FL

**Body Mapping, Tantra Sessions, Kink, Guided experiences are

in person immersion experiences**

Most  in person

immersion experience investment

start around

Single person: $800 90 min

$1k for 2 hr session

Couples: 90min 1000

2.5 hr 1300

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Body mapping unlocks magic! What do you wish for??
Body Mapping is Magic! What do you wish for?