In Person Immersion Experiences:

Tantra Sessions

Kink Exploration

Body Mapping

Single, Couples, Small Groups

What is an Immersion Experience?

An immersive experience is an interactive, multi sensory experience. Taking you out of your usual day to day environment. Making you the participant, not just a spectator. Our immersive sessions are in person at our urban, tropical retreat setting where confidentiality and consent are two of our core values. 

The content of our session is chosen together, therefore it is a co-creation. Meeting you where you are at. Going at your own pace. 

You get to decide how spicy our session is with our

chili pepper system:

Green chili pepper

Red chili pepper 

Multiple Red chili peppers 

We do have a template of how our sessions flow….

First we will start the session with an embodiment practice. Embodiment is a grounding and centering practice to get out of our heads (fight, flight, cortisol dominant) and into our bodies (the parasympathetic nervous system). It is a practice of self regulation and even pleasure.

We play with breath, sound, movement, imagination, creativity.

Second, we do some talking. About what??

Why are you here/your main intentions. What you hope to experience/accomplish. Any challenges you are having that you are ready to resolve.

Additional topic examples: answer questions, 

techniques, tips, 

anatomy lessons,

 sensation item shares.

explore the Blueprints 

Third, you will learn to have consent and boundary conversation to create safety. We will practice during our session. It's fun.

 As a result, you can recreate a safe ‘container’ in your daily life.

What is a container/consent conversation?

Talking about desires, intentions, boundaries, touch, nudity, safe word, after care, time, what repair looks like. Next, we come to an agreement.

Continuing on to the

somatic, body based part of our session.

Upon completion of that we move into aftercare.

In closing we speak into wins, insights, learnings, next steps and integration. 

What is the session about?

Undoubtedly, everything is completely confidential.

This is a non-judgmental space you can use your own words to share.

Every experience is different.

These sessions are a co-creation.

We focus on what you want to explore, learn or experience. The Chili Pepper system can help you find a place you feel most comfortable.

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Tantra Sessions

For couples and singles. Connect with energy, learn tantric principles and expand your understanding of pleasure. Sacred  spot, tantric touch, yoni, lignum 'massage'. Experience multi orgasmic states.

Kink Exploration

Did you buy some toys and are not quite sure how to use them?

I will help you! Kink is anything that is taboo to you. I have found people are often more kinky than they think! Learn sensation based kink like impact and the psychological kink of power play dynamics and fantasy.

Guided Experiences

Great for couples looking to spice up their relationship! Stacie hosts private one on one couples sessions and small group special events with her partner in St Petersburg, FL.

Erotic Blueprints(tm)

Discover the language of arousal and pleasure with the Erotic Blueprints(tm) Lean more about how the blueprints show up in your body and daily life. This is a great option for singles and partnered folx alike to expand their understanding and experience of pleasure.

Body Mapping

Body mapping is a somatic process we use to literally 'map' how your body experiences arousal and pleasure.

Everyone is wired to receive pleasure differently. Using the Erotic Blueprint types(tm) we section the body and test different sensations and touches to see how you respond.

Body mapping is great for couples and singles. Holistic Progressions offers bespoke tantra sessions that include body mapping. Clients often say this their favorite!

Through Body Mapping, I will help you ( and your partner/s) discover how you are specifically wired to receive pleasure and go deeper into what your Core Erotic Blueprint is. why it matters and how it applies to your daily life.

*All sessions are

completely confidential and

non- judgmental*

Here is a template of what to expect at an in person tantra session:

First we will start the session with an embodiment practice,

Second we do some talking....

Why you are here/your main intentions. What you hope to experience/accomplish.

We address any challenges you are having that you are ready to resolve.

We get the Blueprints involved. (if you don't know your blueprint type take the

quiz here.) 

Third, you will learn to have consent and boundaries conversations so as a result, you can recreate a safe container in your real life.

Next is the body mapping/tantra/kink/guided/ teaching  experience!**

Upon completion of the body mapping experience and aftercare and speak into wins, insights and learnings.

Finally we plan next steps and integration

The session location is at St Pete Retreat located in St Petersburg FL

In person immersion experience investments

start around $700

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Reignite the spark between your partner, and more importantly within yourself.

couple in Tantra session practicing yab yum