How to talk to your partner about sex…One of the most asked questions!

One of the most common questions I am asked as a sex coach: How do I bring up the subject of sex with my partner? How do I talk to my partner about sex? First, you don’t want to hurt their feelings or make them feel rejected. Second you may not know exactly what to say. Third, maybe it’s not all bad and you just want to spice it up, you don’t want them to think something is wrong….all theses thoughts and more!
Many individuals desire to enhance their pleasure in life but often find it challenging to initiate a conversation with their partner about it. Discussing something as personal and vulnerable as sexuality can be intimidating. Here are some effective ways to kickstart a conversation about spicing up your relationship with your partner.

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Do you have Overachiever Syndrome??

After many years I realized how exhausted I was

I was overwhelmed and not able to enjoy the moment or be present

I couldn’t celebrate my success because I was so focused on what was next

When is enough enough? It was an endless game.

I was tired of getting Getting triggered or set off

I noticed I was frustrated, apathetic

And the Feelings of not enough and lack all pointed to an underlying Low self worth. Who I was just didn’t feel like enough. I was seeking outside of myself for what I have now found within

I needed to slow down,

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Arousal, Pleasure and Personal Responsibility

Its ok for your body to have a response to stimulus but understand just because you find something arousing doesn’t mean others do or that the arousing persons’ intention is to arouse. On the other hand if you don’t experience arousal you need to shame yourself for that either. We all experience arousal and pleasure in different ways!

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How to have consent conversations and not feel like a jerk or weirdo

…we have a lack of sex education in our country and most of the world. We are not taught communication skills in general. It is clear why we have so much miscommunication or lack of communication about sexuality….Here are some helpful tips for having conversations around consent with your partner or a potential partner…

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