How Are You Wired For Pleasure? Rewire Your Brain For Intimacy And Pleasure

People are creatures of habit. Every time you step into pleasure you are wiring your brain and body to respond. If you are using a substance and stepping into pleasure, you are wiring your brain and body to respond to pleasure when on that substance. This is the same for porn. If you are using porn the majority of the time you engage with sexual pleasure,  you are wiring your brain and body to respond to porn. The same can be said with toys, self pleasure, a certain room, music, or smell.

After a while it can become more challenging to step into pleasure without these cues. It is happening on an unconscious level, and often not intentional to wire ourselves certain ways. It is critical that you examine how you are wiring your brain and body for pleasure. 

If you are developing your brain for intimacy and pleasure you need to see the old and help the new self become aware of unconscious behaviors and patterns. Call out your feelings when you begin to experience them, and identify them correctly. Make the decision to change – to think, act, then do. Develop a practice of observing your emotions to become familiar with them. This can be done through meditation and cultivation of self. Learn to be a conscious participant in your feelings. Look at labels and roles we show up as. 

Think about, “Who am I? Who am I not?”

As I explored these questions, what I noticed in the past is that the answers that appeared were simply labels and roles. I remember when I left working in the salon full time over 10 years ago, I had this moment of feeling, “If I am not working this job, then who am I?” You likely know the feeling that I’m talking about if you have ever changed jobs or had a relationship end (by choice or not). Maybe you found comfort in a new title? Maybe you felt lost?

Different roles and labels appeared. However, I quickly realized that those were simply words I attached meaning to. We all show up in different roles but they do not have to define us. We label ourselves to fit into a group, to feel like we belong and are accepted. However this labeling is still seeking outside of ourselves. It actually creates more separation than unity. I started to find peace and acceptance in who I am without having to label myself. I found that I am.

Looking within gave me more pleasure,peace, love, acceptance, unity and joy. I can see the roles I play and celebrate them for exactly what they are – roles. Just words. Words only have the meaning we attach to them. Who I am and who you are is beyond words. 

Tap into that.

If you are looking to further wire your brain and body for intimacy and pleasure, consider hiring a sex coach. Contact me today to learn more about online sex coaching and how it can impact your life!