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Stacie Ysidro offers sex coaching in St. Petersburg, Fl

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Expressing yourself can be uncomfortable if you do not have the communication tools and practice necessary to move through fear and return to love. 

I offer Sex Coaching in St Petersburg FL

I work online and in person with clients.

Available to single person and couples.

I will teach you how to express your desires free from shame and guilt. You will be able to express and move through your fears with courage, grace and ease. You will be able to get out of your head and into your body, expanding your presence and pleasure.

Imagine yourself setting and upholding healthy boundaries that create freedom, deep intimate connection and sexual satisfaction.

Sex coaching can help you live from a space of pleasure and orgasmic energy. Your baseline for pleasure will be expanded therefore the depth  and intensity of pleasure expands.

Imagine the freedom of knowing your true turn-ons and how to please yourself or your partner.

Imagine knowing sensual pleasure in a completely healthy way and free from shame. Holistic Progressions provides a confidential, pleasure informed, sex-positive, non judgmental environment for you to explore.

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If you are ready to be, unapologetically, who you are, sex coaching may be a great option for you. Contact Stacie Ysidro at Holistic Progressions today. We are certified by the World Association of Sex Coaches. We are also a certified Erotic Blueprints™  Coach. Holistic Progressions offers Couples retreats, Tantra, Erotic Blueprint Coaching, Kink and sex coaching in St Petersburg, Florida as well as online. 

Harnessing the power of your sexuality is the deepest, fastest way to transform your life.

Who are you being? Is who you are being in alignment with who you truly are? Do you feel lonely and like you are missing something? Are you overthinking, or always keeping your mind busy? Wouldn’t you like to feel more peaceful and confident in your life? You are wired for pleasure and fulfillment!

We all have the divine within us. Life just happens and often disconnects us with our true essence. The art and purpose of life is to know and be who we are. Aligning our essence with our actions and being is part of living to the fullest.

I teach people how to experience deep connection, sexual freedom of expression. I help people remember who they are and be who they are and even rediscover themselves all over again. If you're ready to tap back into who you are meant to be, contact me to get started!

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