Couples Tantra Sessions in          St Petersburg FL

Couples tantra sessions in St Petersburg, FL where you can discover the ancient practice of Tantra. See how tantric arts are more relevant and accessible today than ever before.

Are you curious about tantra?

It feels like it has always been a part of me, and I believe many others feel the same way when they start learning about it. You will remember.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. While it's often associated with sexuality in the West, Tantra is actually a holistic spiritual practice that encompasses all the senses, breathwork, movement, sounds, sensations, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, play and pleasure.

Tantra is also referred to as sacred sexuality. Unifying sexuality, (humanness) and spirituality, (divine) within us, Sacred Union, then with our partner or partners

Why are so many couples interested in Tantra?

One reason is that it offers an inclusive approach to spirituality and sexuality that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical ability, religious or cultural background. Couples get to experience new ways to connect and experience intimacy: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Secondly, Tantra emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility, choice and pleasure. Tantric practice encourages us to explore our humanness and spirituality in a way that is authentic to us. We open to be and receive, more of the love that we are.

Ecstatic states, altered states of consciousness, evolution, initiation, healing, awakening, deep rest and relaxation, activation and expansion are some things that may occur as a result of practicing tantra. Our life force orgasmic energy is very potent.

We have found that couples who learn tantra experience deeper intimacy, new ways for pleasure, strengthened energetic connection, and improved communication and understanding.

At this time,

Stacie Ysidro is offering couples tantra sessions

in St Petersburg FL.

Confidential and private 1 on 1 sessions individually or together as a couple in a discrete, urban tropical setting. Consent is another core value we practice. In our tantra session you learn an easy way to practice consent and explore with your partner beyond our session. Before we begin we have a consent container conversation so your safety is assured and honored.

This immersive experience is designed to introduce you to some basic practices of Tantra, connect with your energy, then share a deeper connection with your partner.

on the way to our couples tantra session in st petersburg fl

Every tantra session is personalized.

No two sessions are ever the same. We do have a basic road map of what to expect. First we do a grounding and centering practice (embodiment/pleasure first). Then you share what your main intentions for our time. From this space we move into container setting and deeper tantric practices. Ending with wins, insights or learnings from the session you can stay in bliss land and don't have to talk too much.

I want you to stay in your tantric bliss as long as possible, anchor it in! This is also why we do a follow up call the week later.

I am sure you have questions about what to expect. Most people read the FAQ pages, then schedule a 15 min phone call to say hello and ask any additional questions. We can even schedule a date for the session or I will send you the link to schedule it.

Visit our immersion FAQ page for information and ideas on immersive experience and day long or multi day

couples tantric retreats 

Once you set the date, you send a deposit to confirm your session. At that time I start putting together a document with information for you like any resources we talked about, notes, logistical stuff. The balance is due upon arrival. I update the document to include important information from our session and possible next steps and action plans.

One week after the session I like to have a 15 min follow up call to check in to see what has appeared and if you need any additional support.

Additional ways for couples to explore tantra are to come to

one of the group tantra classes  or our special events for couples

Couples Temple Night or

Recess: Couples Tantra Workshop.

If you really want to go deep ask me about our overnight retreat, couples sex magic ceremony!

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