[The workshop] was a truly amazing time. I learned so much from Johnny & Stacie. You two answered questions that I didn't even have to ask. You two make a great team. You two have amazing chemistry and so much wisdom to share. I really enjoyed listening to your personal testimonies. Thank you two for sharing.
Touch with the Erotic Blueprints was a great class about identifying yours and understanding the other types. Stacie and Johnny are certified educators on the Erotic Blueprints, and their teaching style is both professional and fun. Both singles and couples can greatly benefit from this class.

I highly recommend this class and venue location. 
- TK
We had sex for the first time in a year! 
- Anonymous
I am more confident, comfortable and at ease expressing myself around my partner.
- DJ
Before working with Stacie,  I could not get out of my head and stop thinking. Now I have less anxiety, I sleep better, I am more clear and focused and overall more satisfied. 
- RR
Stacie takes complicated stuff and makes it simple. She is direct and shares from experience not just from theory. She gets to the root of the challenge and helps find a direct simple way to get through. 
- MK
I have finally connected to my sexuality in a healthy way, I feel whole.
- Anonymous 
Life is full of pleasure. Pleasure we deny ourselves for so many reasons. Working with Stacie allowed me to understand the full spectrum of possibilities ever present in our daily lives. To break down dualities between dark and light, good and bad, pleasure and pain, male and female, the scared and the profane. With these dualities shattered, I gained an awareness that allows me to transform any experience into an ecstatic moment. Through presence within my breadth, body, movement, and the laughter that comes from not taking myself nor the moment too seriously, I gained a heightened awareness of the most transformative of spaces- the present moment. And the expansion continued as I owned my desires and truly held myself worthy of giving and receiving pleasure. As I transcended ideas of worthlessness and saw myself worthy of giving and receiving pleasure, dualities crumbled and laid in pieces on the ground. With this facade shattered, my heart, body, and mind melded into one.
- TO
I am finally off the hamster wheel!!! 
- JL
Stacie is easy to talk to, I feel seen, heard and understood. She is very open and nonjudgmental, I finally got to talk about things I have never been able to put into words.
- SN
I had sex for the first time in 10 years!
- Anonymous
Thank you for such a great celebration of the actualization of all of the work we've been doing. It felt so good to be able to have that celebration. I feel so empowered to be here & really look forward to what's ahead.
- RR
Some benefits I have personally received from working with Stacie Ysidro: 
1. Stacie guided me towards more clarity on what it is I desire to offer
2. Stacie helped me to build a better relationship with money and build more confidence in owning my value
3. Stacie served as a unbiased reflection point for feeling a deeper sense of my value and self worth
4. Creating a safe judgment free zone 
5. Helped frame what I want

You bring out the best in me!

- Anonymous
I just wanted to thank you for the life changing experience today. All the thoughts & feelings are still processing, but I can say without a doubt that I have never felt so complete in my life. Thank you for taking the time not only today, but over the past year while I have been going through my own personal turmoil. Your caring support means more to me than I know how to express. Thank you for being in my life.
- GD
I will never not be myself again!
I have gone from a narrow view to a wide view.
100% better place now than when I started.
The original problem dissolved with in 3 sessions. 
- KL
I can talk to you about things I have never spoken about to anyone.
- SH
For the first time I felt I could be myself in a group of people.
- TD

Meet Stacie Ysidro

Sex Coach

Erotic Blueprint(tm) Coach

Spiritual Life Coach

Madonna Ministry Minister

Based in St Petersburg, Florida available for coaching online, over the phone and in person; Presentations and Speaking engagements available in person or via web.


Stacie Ysidro

Stacie Ysidro has been coaching individuals and couples all over the United States for over 10 years. She has worked with over 1000 people helping them to embrace their authentic sexual selves, communicate effectively and heal and transform compulsive behavior patterns into positive healthy expression.

In 2018 Stacie became a Certified Erotic Blueprint(tm) Coach. This program, created by Jayia helps you understand how you are wired for pleasure. Ask about  speaking engagements and presentations on the Erotic Blueprints(tm) today!

Stacie enjoys continuing her education while serving clients in person, online and over the phone offering one on one sessions and group workshops.

Stacie is a Minister in the Madonna Ministries Interfaith Community. She enjoys volunteering and being of service to those in need of spiritual council.

For more information on the Madonna Interfaith Community visit the website

A Tampa native, professional sex coach and Tantra practitioner, she has been a salon professional and costuming seamstress. Stacie is a professional Belly dancer, adult entertainer and mother of two. Her hobby is competitive body building at a national level . Stacie enjoys sharing all her gifts and talents with gratitude.

Visit the blog, category ‘more about Stacie’ for a more in depth personal journey.

For Belly dance information see her Facebook page:

Belly dancing Bombshell Stacie Ysidro

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