Stacie Ysidro

Sex Life Stylist


Sex Coach, Erotic Blueprint(tm) Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, Madonna Ministry Minister, Professional Belly Dancer...

Based in St Petersburg, Florida available online and in person

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Stacie Ysidro

Sex Life Stylist

Stacie Ysidro, sex coach, is the founder of Holistic Progressions as well as co-founder of St Pete Retreat, (with her husband Johnny Vajra) Sex coach since 2009 she helps people experience erotic freedom, full self acceptance and expression with grace and ease.

Stacie has experience as a consensual sex worker and has created her own philosophy around the how and why of sex work.

Stacie creates a unique experience for her clients, combining sexology education, breathwork, kink, movement, sounding, zen philosophy, somatic coaching, ancient tantric arts and shamanism.

Having multiple years of experience with 12 step programs and practicing harm reduction. She speaks openly about recovery, sex work and the importance of integrating sexuality into recovery pathways.

Stacie is acknowledged as a sex coach by the World Association of Sex Coaches. She is also certified by Jaiya (world renowned sexologist) as an Erotic Blueprint(™) Coach helping people to learn the language of arousal and pleasure.


Stacie has been belly dancing for over 20 years and practicing tantra over 12 years.  She created another unique experience for you. A Tantric Belly Dance Practice  that incorporates ancient tantra practices and the sacred art of belly dancing.

Currently performing at Byblos Tampa Acropolis in South Tampa and private events.

For Belly dance information see her Facebook page:

Belly dancing Bombshell Stacie Ysidro

She is a mother and wife in a cnm relationship.

Stacie is a Minister in the

Madonna Ministries Interfaith Community

Sexcessfull Journey

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"I highly recommend Stacie as a life and relationship coach. I came to her as I was having difficulties healing from a broken romantic relationship, as well as struggling with what it means to embrace both the masculine and the feminine. Through her guidance, I was able to release many of the fears and unrealistic expectations that I had surrounding relationships in general and embrace a path to holistic healing. I also was able to address negative body image issues that I had ignored, get concrete steps in embracing both genders (within and without), and have other resources to assist me going forward. I felt very freed and optimistic after our work together. She combined her expertise in techniques that are both psychological and spiritual, secular and sacred, in helping me achieve a quantum leap forward in the ways I think, feel, and believe. My results from consulting Stacie definitely live up to the name holistic progressions!"


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