Online Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Coach In St Petersburg, Florida

Imagine what it would be like to be fully self-expressed and accepted for who you are.

See yourself living from a space of pleasure and orgasmic energy with the support of an The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Coach

What are the Erotic blueprint types(tm) ?

The Erotic Blueprints are a typing system for arousal and pleasure. It is the best tool one can use to explore sexuality in a social learning format. The blueprints give you a way to understand, communicate and activate your pathways to pleasure. See how orgasmic the world is when you learn the language of arousal and pleasure. Take the Blueprint Quiz now.

See the Blueprints in action on Sex, Love &Goop featuring Jaiya, founder of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough, watch trailer here.

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough course we go on a journey....

First: Know yourself

Second: own yourself

Third: live in pleasure and empowerment!

Experience the Blueprint Breakthrough(tm)

If you are curious to learn more about how to experience pleasure, or how others experience it, the Erotic Blueprints™ course may be for you. The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ course is an 8 module self study online course hosted on the Mighty Network. You also get access to an exclusive , confidential social media group for people who are or have already taken the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course! As a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach, I will help you first, get to know your own blueprint type. Second, turn your obstacles to pleasure into pathways to pleasure. Third learn body mapping on yourself and a partner. The results of this course are also healing and integrating shadows and 'parts' of ourselves. Finally, some of my favorite modules are learning to speak the blueprints, feed the blueprints and expand the blueprints.

Really existing in a space of orgasmic energy in EVERY area of your life!

Who doesn't want to understand your needs and desires? Who doesn't want to get your needs and desires met? The real question is are you ready to RECIEVE?

Get ready to have better orgasms and deeper connections in your life. Stand in your pleasure from an empowered present state.. No partner? No problem! The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ course is helpful whether you are single or in a relationship. 

Jaiya, the founder of Erotic Blueprints™ is a world renowned somatic sexologist as seen on Netflix, Sex Love and Goop, Good Morning America, TLC, CNN, Playboy TV and more! I have been mentoring with her for many years and am happy to announce I am a Certified Erotic Blueprint Master Coach Intern! 

If you are ready to experience true sexual freedom and acceptance, contact Holistic Progressions, at the St Pete Retreat today so you can experience what sex coaching can be for you.