Immersion Experience…Body Mapping with the Erotic Blueprints(tm)


Become an Erotic Artist with Body Mapping!

Know your Blueprint, Own your Blueprint 

Expand your Blueprint

 First, you found out what your erotic blueprint is by taking the quiz. Now you are curious. How can this information transform my life through an in person immersion experience? Body Mapping!

 In the Blueprint Breakthrough course  we teach you how to play the A/B game. This game takes you on a full body exploration. Leaving you with a map of how your body experiences arousal and pleasure. You learn how to set the rules for the game and how to play the game.

This is a somatic, body based, experience  you can play on yourself or with a partner.  We use different sensation items to see how your body experiences arousal and pleasure.

Body Mapping with the Blueprints' A/B game is great for couples and singles.

All genders and sexual preferences, race, ethnicity, ability are welcome and included.

I will help you ( and your partner/s) discover how you are specifically wired to receive pleasure and go deeper into what your Core Erotic Blueprint is. Get the skills and experience you need to expand your capacity for pleasure.\

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