Why would I have Sex Sober?

Why would I have Sex Sober?

  • Having sex sober allows you to experience more body sensations, helping you to see what brings you the most pleasure
  • To create safety by being present and conscious for your partner.
  • Having sex sober can deepen your connection and intimacy. 
  • You remember what you did and didn't do
  • You are able to fully consent

Why would I have sex sober when so much of our culture glamorizes

drugs and alcohol with sex? In reality, many of our sexual experiences involve drugs or alcohol in some way.

What happens when the fun becomes

not fun anymore?

Interestingly enough, many people use substances to relax and connect...

When the ironic thing is that

these substances usually dampen our ability to feel physically and to connect on a deeper level. Putting down the substances gives us an opportunity to create a relationship with our bodies and our partner. It can feel strange at first, like you are a virgin all over again, social anxiety can rear its ugly head.

Honestly, things are uncomfortable until they aren't any more.

Getting to know yourself is a process...

In the past, I had  very chaotic relationships with certain substances. Disconnection and dissociation were an easy go-to when I was over riding my  body's' wisdom by drowning it in substances. Knowing help was available I reached out to get the support that I needed. Multiple pathways of recovery exists.

I am not here to tell you which one is best, or the 'one'. Personally, I have tried many different pathways and found each one serves its purpose in some way for someone.

Hell, I am not even here to tell you not to use substances.

Simply, I am available to share my experience, wisdom and knowledge on how to navigate sexuality and alternative lifestyles while in recovery or practicing harm reduction.

Talk to me about my Sexual Values Exploration course

aka: Erotic Alignment. It's a great start to redefine who you are as a sexual being. Ideal for singles and couples looking to strengthen their relationship with themselves and others.

Healing occurs through self acceptance, having compassion and forgiveness of ourselves. You can shift unhealthy behavior patterns and thought processes that are preventing you from having the fulfilling life you deserve. Allow me to partner with you in your journey. I will help you create, sustain authentic relationships. Create a healthy relation to your body and intuition. 

You can gain confidence and let go of the fear of rejection. You can learn to communicate effectively, set healthy boundaries all while experiencing fulfilling sexual expression....If you give yourself the chance!

Change from the inside flows out. When we change for the better, the outside changes for the better effortlessly.

Visit my page on sex coaching options to see ways I can assist you on your journey to full expression and acceptance