Do you have Overachiever Syndrome??

Do you love to under promise and over deliver? Love certifications? Have to achieve the next best thing? You may have overachiever syndrome. I had it too…..

 In the past…

There I was laying on the couch feeling  exhausted. My body had enough, my mind was shot and I had a two-year-old running around.

 That was a time in my life when I had 3 jobs, I was constantly working and raising a child.

I had literally worked myself sick.

 I would have a goal, work really hard to achieve it and then I found and I still wasn’t satisfied

 so then I picked a new goal 

I was constantly seeking in achieving, Yet still feeling like my efforts weren’t enough I was so focused on getting to the next thing

Around  the same time I also started getting into personal growth, development and diving deeper into spirituality 

 Again I noticed the same pattern appearing

There was always something to strive for, learn, master get to the next level of achievement 

After many years I realized how exhausted I was 

I was overwhelmed and not able to enjoy the moment or be present 

I couldn’t celebrate my success because I was so focused on what was next 

When is enough enough? It was an endless game.

I was tired of getting triggered or set off

I noticed I was frustrated, apathetic 

and the feelings of doubt and  lack all pointed to feeling like not enough and too much all at the same time. Who I was just didn’t feel like enough. I was not accepting enough ownership over my experiences. I was distracting myself with the next accolade. I was seeking outside of myself for what I have now found within.

Curing overachiever syndrome

I needed to slow down.

Give myself a break and create space for just being.

It has taken a lot of work to learn to be happy with me as I am, to be grateful for what I have and where I am at….all while continuing to move forward. I now achieve goals with more grace and easy. I no longer have overachiever syndrome. I examine my intentions, expectations and motivations. I had to learn humility.

What is present is perfect just the way it is, because that is what it is

I am enough just as I am….and so are you!


I invite you to do less and receive more. Celebrate what you have. Practice gratitude and compassion. Enjoy the journey

There is no end destination 

There is no arrival 

The prize is the present moment 

The destination is the present

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