Arousal, Pleasure and Personal Responsibility

Your arousal is your responsibility

Everyone is wired a little bit differently to receive pleasure and experience arousal one of the courses I’m certified to facilitate is the erotic blueprint breakthrough course this is an arousal typing system

The scorched teaches you to identify your blueprint and get to know you’re language of pleasure and arousal, with that being said even if you don’t know your blueprint you still have specific Ways to experience pleasure and ways that you experience arousal

Some people experience arousal through nudity and direct genital contact- this is the sexual blueprint. Some people find energy and the space between arousing- energetic 

There are even people who find arousal through feet, wet clothes, power play dynamics- kink 

Others find the textures, taste, smell and environment arousing- sensual.

Our pleasure and arousal is Our own responsibility.

When we blame our ability or inability to become aroused and experience pleasure on others we are giving away our power. 

What we Choose to do with our arousal is also our responsibility. 

So here is my perspective- if you find breasts arousing that’s all well and good however if you choose to act out on your arousal that’s your issue. 

Don’t tell me to cover my breasts or wear additional undergarments to hide my nipples or to not hug people because I may “cause” someone to be aroused. Other people’s arousal is not my responsibility and bits not my decision on What they choose to do with it. 

Some people like feet- does everyone need to wear boots so they don’t become aroused? What if boots turn someone on? Then no one is allowed to wear boots? 

We need to stop shaming arousal. We need to stop people from shaming and judging others for “turning them on” your arousal is your responsibility! You don’t need to shame yourself or others because you get aroused- stop giving away your power! 

Take responsibility for your turn on! Most situations do not require you to act on your arousal. It becomes uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous when you act on your arousal in situations where it is not consensual. 

You do not need to tell the person you are aroused by them or shame them for being arousing. Simply enjoy the energy of arousal for what it is a pleasurable sensation. Its ok for your body to have a response to stimulus but understand just because you find something arousing doesn’t mean others do or that the arousing persons’ intention is to arouse.¬†On the other hand if you don’t experience arousal you need to shame yourself for that either. We all experience arousal and pleasure in different ways! If you want to explore this topic send me an email at and we can talk about coaching programs and workshops I offer.

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