Alternative Lifestyles, what, why and tips for success

What is an Alternative Lifestyle?

I was recently told I have been living an alternative lifestyle my whole life!

I wondered what does that even mean!?

What is normal is to me is normal....alternative lifestyles

Wikipedia says:

An alternative lifestyle is a lifestyle perceived to be outside the norm for a given culture.
The phrase "alternative lifestyle" is often used pejoratively.
Description of a related set of activities as alternative is a defining aspect of certain subcultures.
Urban dictionary says:

alternative lifestyle

Any socially-unconventional lifestyle, esp. sexual.

So I am thinking this must include...

  •  relationships with large difference in age
  • Sex workers adult industry related jobs
  • Jobs less socially acceptable
  • Schedules and hours less compatible with the mainstream
  • High frequency of travel or work with little personal time
  • Relationship styles outside of cis-gendered hetero normative culture
  • Kink lifestyles
  • Swingers
  • Recovery from religion
  • Sober lifestyles
  • Professional/amateur athletes or celebrity or entertainers

Why do I care about this?

IMHO, Speaking from my life in alternative lifestyles.....

  • Often it is challenging find a partner in or compatible with alternative lifestyles and scheduling
  • May have guilt or shame around lifestyle choice
  • May have to deal with other people’s judgment of their life choices (even if they are happy with their choices)
  • Having discernment around who you let into your 'inner circle'/ who you tell what to
  • Can be isolating or lonely
  • Raising children may be challenging
  • We are not alone
  • We are setting the example for others to live their truth
  • People living their truth living in authenticity are happier more satisfied and more well adjusted in life

Tips for folx in or seeking an alternative lifestyle

  • Always be honest about who you are and your lifestyle from the beginning
  • Have discernment on who you tell what to
  • Find community,  reach out, participate
  • Celebrate yourself for being a trailblazer!
  • Have compassion for yourself and your unique set of challenges
  • Have compassion for others, especially those who judge or do not understand/agree with your life choices
  • Be open to change, do check-ins with yourself and partner(s).

There are seasons and phases stages of life

Be where you are at. Celebrate that.

Celebrate your past. Knowing it has gotten you to where you are today.

If you or someone you know needs support in navigating sex and relationships in ANY for of 'alternative lifestyle' Please reach out and set up a call

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