When De-Cluttering Becomes a Spiritual Practice

by Stacie Ysidro

Last night I was listening to the talk on releasing the belief in lack. The belief in lack is one of the ways that fear manifests. The talk was explaining that you don’t even know if you’re lacking some things until the time comes (future)  so any belief in lack or not enough is based in the past somewhere- therefore we are not being truly present in the moment.
 It got me thinking- I’ve been going through this feeling that there’s way too much stuff in my house and in my closet. Every time I go to try to get rid of things I can’t seem to let it all go. I often remove a few things here and there so at least I am making an effort and doing something. 
I started pondering this dilemma of slow to nonexistent progress. I thought maybe there is some emotional or psychological attachment to these things, such as a time in my life or a way that my ego identifies with these objects or those times.
I had a great realization last night listening to this talk. The realization is- not being able to let go of all of this stuff is reinforcing a false  belief in lack.  It’s working against the flow of abundance in my life. So basically me hanging on to all this stuff is reinforcing a false belief that there is not enough. 
The thoughts that go through my head when previously trying to get rid of stuff is “oh I might need this later” or ” maybe I can give this to so and so one day”….essentially saying that I won’t have anything else to give later or all that I have to offer is this stuff or I won’t be able to provide later so I better hang on to this stuff just in case….Lack Mentality!
So when I woke up today I started pondering this some more and decided to turn these projects, such as cleaning out the closet or cleaning out the underneath of my bathroom sink, into a spiritual practice.
 I’m happy to report that I accomplished cleaning out the stuff underneath my bathroom sink. (I threw out 2 grocery bags of stuff!) I definitely had to stay present and consciously say as I was throwing things away that I release my belief in lack. It definitely felt better than it had before; I definitely feel better now having conquered that one space.
 I know that I didn’t accumulate all this stuff in an hour or two or even a couple of days so I have to be gentle and allow myself to start releasing things a little bit at a time- consciously. The consciously releasing the stuff is consciously releasing that false belief in lack and building Faith. Each session will get me to a better place than I was before- building the belief in Abundance and wholeness. Each time I let go of something that doesn’t define me I get a little bit closer to my latest greatest version of me….and for that I am Grateful