Coaching Guidelines 2018

Coaching Guidelines

Welcome  to  Holistic Progression’s  Sex  Coaching

by Stacie Ysidro

  I  am  so  happy  you  have  made  the  time  and  resources  for  me  to  be your  guide  and  Sex  Coach.

What is  sex  coaching? Sex  Coaching  is  a  mix  of  these  elements  and  is  NOT  therapy  Nor is it a entertainment experience.  It  is  its  own, non medical,  form  of  promoting  sexual wellness.   

1)   Personalized  sexuality  information  and  education

2)   Re-directive  cognitive  processes  and  mental  reframing

3)   Emotional balancing

4)   Intuitive  guidance

5)   Behavioral training

6)   Resources  and  referrals

Sex  Coaching  involves  all  of  these  parts  of you:  

Mind.  Information.  Your  “self-talk,”  thinking  about sexual performance, capacity  for  fantasy, troubling  thought patterns, compulsive behavior.    

Emotions.  Feelings.  Feelings  that you  carry  from  the  past, about your  body  and  body  image, sexuality, what  you suppress  and  express,  how  you  express  your  emotions,  and  your  capacity  for  intimacy.   

Body  and  body-image  issues.  Physical.  Knowing  how  your  own  sexual  pattern  works,  understanding your  own  body’s  sexual  architecture  and  function,  acknowledging  your  own  sexual  (dys)functions,  learning skills  for  how  to  be  a  successful  lover  alone  or  with  a  partner    Energy.  Sex  is  all about energy!   The  build-up,  the  containment  and  the  expression  of  energy.    In  my “one-on-one  work”  I  observe  energy  patterns  with  the  individual and  with  a  partner  and  give  coaching feedback  for  handling  this  often  overlooked  part  of  sexuality    

Spirit.  The  essence  of  self.  Esoteric  moments  or  practices  that transcend  the  moment, such  as  peak orgasm  experiences;  sacred  sexuality;  the  more  subtle  and  delicate  manner  in  which  people  deny  or  reflect their  inner  self  through  sexuality; the  path  of  sex  to  experience  the  Divine  or  God  of your understanding. Connection to bigger picture and your internal wise self.

What are  my responsibilities?

  •  To guide, direct  and  protect  you  from  harm
  •  To empower you to attain  the  dreams  you  desire
  •  To empower you to overcome  any  sexual  difficulties  you  may  have  or  fear  you  have
  •  To help you reach  your  sexual/relationship  goals  and  together  as  a  team  find  results  that  satisfy you.
  • hold all information shared in strict confidence


  • What are  your  responsibilities?
  •  To be on time for your  scheduled  appointment
  •  To pay on time for your  appointment
  •  To provide a comprehensive  history  on  sexual  relationships     
  •  To be authentic, honest,  and  share  your  truth  with  me.

What are  the  fees?

Fees  are  set  at  $  $150 per 45 min  by  telephone or FaceTime/skype/zoom. Please consult website for up to date package rates.

If requested/as needed, fees  may be pro-rated  for  longer or  shorter  sessions.

Payment  is  expected  at  the  beginning  of  each  session  by cashier’s check, money orders,  cash  or PayPal . *an added fee is charged for use of PayPal .  

If  finances  are  a  problem  for  you,  a  payment plan may be available.

*There  will  be  a  $25  charge  for  emails  over  3  short  paragraphs  in  length  (under  250 words)  that  relate  to  our  work  together.  

*If  your  emails  are  longer  than  approximately  1,000  words,  I  will charge  for  a  full  session.  

Emails  vs.  sessions

For  most  of  our  work,  it  is  best  to  keep  a  journal  of  your  thoughts,  feelings,  observations  and  behavioral assignments,  and  use  the  journal  for  the  discussions  we  have  during  our  live  sessions.  If  you  use  emails  in between  sessions  to  

communicate  with  me  instead  of  during  sessions,  we  will  re-assess  the  use  of  emails vs.  sessions  in  a  live  session.  

Emails  are  for  your  informing  me  of  changes  to  our  scheduled  appointments; they  should  be  used  for  your  growth  only  at a  minimum. 

*Please respect the coaching relationship by refraining from social texting or emailing*

Please  use  our  live  sessions  not  emails or text messages  for updating (unless otherwise instructed and agreed upon),  processing  your  journey,  and  working  through  why  you  are  here  in  the  first  place.   

How  do  sessions  work?

Visit the faq page on my website to answer many questions.

Most  sessions  are  conducted  by  telephone, face time or skype/zoom  which  can  be  highly  effective.  Some  may be  conducted  in  person, given  your  geographical  location and kind of session needed. 

You call me at the agreed upon time. Be is a space you feel comfortable speaking honestly and where you have the ability to take notes. 

I recommend keeping a journal of your sessions and use for home assignments.

Most  sessions  are  45 minutes  in  length, reserve the full hour to reflect and journal after our call.  Sessions  may  be  scheduled  for once  a  week,  less  or  more  frequently  depending  on  your  schedule,  my  availability  and  your  needs  for  sex coaching. For packaged sessions: I recommend not going longer than 2 weeks apart to maintain momentum and progress.

We will schedule our next session before we end our call.

What about  missing  or  changing  appointments? If  you  cannot  make  your  appointment,  a  24-hours-in-advance  cancellation  policy  is  expected  of  you.  Please send me an email of the dates and times you wish to reschedule for.

If  you fail  to  cancel  or  reschedule  within  that  time  frame,  a  50%  charge  will  be  asked  of  you  for  the  missed appointment, (or that will be deducted from the package of sessions) Of  course,  if  there  are  extraordinary  circumstances  involved, no  charges  will be  asked  for  the missed  appointment.  Due  to  my  participation  in  live  media  (radio,  TV,  etc.)  I  may  have  to  move  our appointment.  In  those  situations,  I  will  do  my  utmost  to  give  a  24-hours  notice,  as  well.    

What can  you  expect?

My respect and discretion. Everything shared is kept in confidence. I will NOT share your information or sessions with anyone, (unless you tell me to). 

This  type  of  work  can  be  transformational  for  your  whole  life,  not  just  your  sexuality.  By  trusting  the process  and  allowing  me  to  be  your  guide,  you  will  grow,  learn  and  become  a  more  empowered  person,  I assure  you.  

Thank  you  so  much  for  choosing  me  as  your  Sex  coach.  It  is  always  my  honor  and  privilege  to do  this  work.  I  am  thrilled  that  we  are  going  down  this  path  together.  

contact info:

Stacie Ysidro

Please keep a copy of this for you reference, Sign and return a copy before our first session