Coaching to Your Pleasure Potential, You are a work of Art

Pleasure potential, you are a work of art
By Stacie Ysidro

In business we always talk about somebody’s potential… Potential for leadership, sales potential, potential to rise within the company, Financial potential and on and on. Potential being defined as future possibility, possibility to develop, latent qualities or abilities.

They say anything great takes effort. Achieving potential takes effort. Sand has the potential to become glass, a piece of glass has potential to become a beautiful work of art. Without time and effort the sand will never become glass nor will the glass become a beautiful work of art. It takes imagination time and effort to achieve something amazing. It takes hope or faith that the vision is possible.

Have you ever considered what your sexual potential is? or your potential to experience pleasure?

Think about where you were when you first started to have sexual experiences as compared to where you are today. I imagine that with experience and time, you know more now than you did then. The question is: has the experience and knowledge that you have now facilitated your optimum potential for pleasure?

Clearly defining your values and beliefs around sexuality gives you a wonderful starting point to explore your sexual pleasure potential.

Coaching can help you understand your past and current perspective. You get to be redefine or clarify, what works for you today and moving forward. Our experiences helped to shape  our ideas values and beliefs around sexuality and sexual pleasure. We can even get misinformation and develop false beliefs  about ourselves or others along the way due to past experiences. It’s interesting how our ideas values and beliefs tend to change over time. The more we learn the more accepting and curious we become. How do we know what the greater truth is for us personally?

 Learning sexual anatomy and physiology is an important part of experiencing your greatest sexual potential. Understanding the phases of human growth and development, as well as aging, gives us a better perspective on our sexual potential for where we’re at.There really are not that many places to receive accurate sexual technique and health information. Through the internet we definitely have more resources…. but there is so much information out there to sift through.

Coaches recommend reputable resources to you to ensure you have accurate sexual health education. Coaching allows you to ask questions and get a clear understanding of the information. For example, when you read or hear about sexual “peaks” or “primes”, what is being referred to is your optimum reproductive phase of your life, not your potential for sexual pleasure.

Sexuality includes your Mind, Emotions, Body, Energy and Spirit.

What do you need to know or learn so you can experience greater pleasure?

What emotion or past experiences needs to be healed so you can embrace and accept yourself?

How can you connect with and get to know, your body more to experience intense sensation?

How much energy are you willing to invest into discovering your sexual and pleasure potential?

What beliefs are holding you back from your optimal sexual self?

While our sexuality so individual and personal it is also deeply intertwined with other people. We often don’t achieve amazing things on our own. It’s a collective effort it takes multiple pieces of sand to become glass. Once the glass is a beautiful work of art it takes someone to appreciate the work and witness it.

As a coach I often recommend for my clients to: journal about your ideal sexual self, really visualize every detail. What does your ideal sexual self look like? What behavior patterns do you follow?  How do you feel? Who are you with? Where are you physically? What does it smell like? What do you need to let go of in order to experience something greater? What do you need to learn? Get detailed. Write it as if it is in the present; then take steps in order to achieve this vision.

Allow yourself to hope fantasize and dream. After all, where the mind goes the body will follow.