Spiritual, Metaphysical life coach Stacie Ysidro

Spiritual, Metaphysical life coach Stacie Ysidro

There are spiritual principles that are found and every religion and culture on Earth.  I believe that we are all human beings with the Divine flowing through us. Divine means perfect, heavenly, God like,  of God. Human is opposite of Divine, imperfect, known for being susceptible to weakness, characteristic of human kind. My understanding is that religion is the human interpretation of  Divine spiritual principles. Religion is a human construct, often been used to give meaning to things not understood and control the masses. Regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, we can still practice spiritual principles and connect with the Divine. We will not be perfect, but we can connect with our inner Divine and be the best we can be, for where we are at.

As a young child I often knew things before they happened, I had a connection with the Spirit world. In childhood exploring secular religion was no longer fulfilling to me. At age 9 I made a decision that my ‘God’ is a loving divine energy that guides us and directs us along our path as humans. I often read about metaphysical subjects, spirituality, different religions and cultures from around the world from past times to present.

As an adult I was able to dive deeply into spirituality and the cosmic Divine. I have found teachers and mentors along the way that has facilitated growth and transformation in my own personal journey.

I believe that orgasmic energy from the Divine source, is the life force energy that flows through us and makes us alive. We can experience this energy and many different areas of our life if we choose to tap into it. Taking the spiritual path each moment can become orgasmic. When we tap into the Divine Life Force and build a relationship with that higher power we are guided and directed along our path through this physical world.

Through spiritual practice we can develop spiritual, Divine qualities within ourselves. There are many tools we may use to connect with the Divine; to name a few… meditation, astrology, tarot cards, candles, animal spirits, ancestors, nature, crystals and fellow-shipping with our spiritual brothers and sisters.

The Union between the Divine and our physical form is non-tangible. It is up to each of us individually to find our own personal path of spiritual connection to the Divine source.

My life has taken numerous twists and turns through light and even The Dark Night of the Soul. I have had the blessing to emerge from these experiences with greater wisdom and peace. Connecting with my higher power has brought me through my journey thus far. The more experience I have , as I learn and grow the more I feel called to be of service to others in their Journey. As we discover more we see how much more there is to discover.

I am here to help facilitate the discovery of your own spiritual path and awaken the Divine Life Force energy flowing through you. I thank you for allowing me to be of service.