Spring Manifestation and Creation

by Stacie Ysidro

Spring is near, the season of creation and manifestations

As we head into the new moon this week and the Spring Equinox a few weeks after, it is time to reflect on what we are bringing to creation/manifesting this year.
The energy between the spirit and earth is collaborating with us to bring in the new. We are stepping from the darkness of winter into the light of spring. The inspiration is taking form as ideas, ideas turn into feelings  that produce action. The decision to take action, or not will still produce results. This season is an opportunity to create some clarity around your ideas. Really have a Clear Vision.
Get as honest with yourself as possible, let go of any judgments or expectations around what this vision is. Meditate and journal about this vision- think of it as kind of a brainstorming session.

If  you are unsure of your vision is ask the universe/higher self/higher power to reveal to you what needs to be seen.

Once you have an idea about this vision and it becomes more clear start to investigate why this is important to you. Ask yourself if you can enjoy the process/journey of creating this vision.

What is your intention behind this vision? What impact does this Vision have on yourself others and even the community or world? Keep in mind that when our vision serves the greater good, it is more likely to bring happiness; goals that are ego based often bring more unhappiness an pain.

Identify how connected you are to this vision and the journey!  Do you wholeheartedly believe that this vision is possible for you? Is there any part of you that thinks you don’t deserve this?

We really have to release all of the Fears around our vision and become fully connected. We need to release all false believes that we don’t deserve the happiness joy and unity our vision can create. Truly believe and accept that you can have it and love the journey!

If we find we are experiencing some doubt or fears that doesn’t mean that we cannot start to take action towards our vision, it will only add to the journey! We need to take small steps towards this Vision while we work through those false beliefs that are ultimately going to hold us back.

Now that we have a vision and a strong desire and our intentions are clear we really need to let go of the end result and step into the journey. Become present, in the moment. Commit to the process. Fall in love with the process.When we are overly focused on the end result we make it harder for ourselves to get there.