Announcing Holistic Progressions You Tube

by Stacie Ysidro

I had been wanting to start a YouTube channel for my coaching for quite some time now. For some reason it’s never the right time or I feel like I’m not ready. As I was driving a few weeks ago I saw a sign that said to be successful start before you are ready. I had been pondering this concept since so the flow of the weeks since I as this sign are all in Divine order.

I ordered many different Oracle/affirmation kind of tarot cards online. I started checking some of  them out one night that week and found them to be very insightful. the ones that stood out to me at this time are the storyteller card and medicine woman card I pulled from a Native American deck. They were saying stuff about being the author of your own story, encouraging me to share my gifts and talents with others and so on.

The next morning I was doing my usually wake up routine: having my morning coffee, reading and journaling. I remember I was reading something about finding your target audience, who you serve, something I had given much thought to. I continued reading when there was a knock at the door.

I was not expecting anyone so I was caught off guard. It was a woman in her late 40’s wanting to see my place (it was listed for sale and she had not been able to get a hold of the realtor to schedule an appointment so she took a chance and stopped by). Part of me felt a little grumpy about getting interrupted but I realized that everything is divine time I threw a robe on and answered the door and invited her in. I started showing her the apartment and our conversation started expanding. I started sharing with her where I was at in my life which prompted her to share the parallels that she was experiencing in her own life this why didn’t you a Jeep conversation that lasted probably almost 2 hours. During this conversation she kept talking about letting go and I knew the night before I had started exploring one of my card decks that was actually called letting go. I told her that she has to pull into cards because there is a message for her I went and got them had her Shuffle the cards and ask what her message was she pulled one of the cards and it was exactly what she needed to hear. We spoke about it and you could see the sense of confirmation and peace that she was experiencing. She kind of laughed and looked around and said what is this place this is like magic. I told her that I did a lot of spiritual practice and pointing to the chakra chart on the wall along with the candles burning Krystal’s everywhere and noted the smell of sage in the air I told her it was kind of a spiritual place for me. She immediately told me that I had something to share and I needed to put myself out there that I had to give to help people and that she feels like she was guided buy the universe for God to stop by because she never goes anywhere unannounced or without exact planning. We laughed together as I shared that I was kind of the same way I plan everything in advance and schedule appointments. I told her that I believed in divine order and divine time and that we were supposed to be here today having this conversation sharing with each other and learning from each other. It was so special to get to have an experience like that literally with a complete stranger to be able to connect and share on such a deep level and see transformation occur within that person is a gift and a blessing that I am grateful to have been apart of. She departed and we both got on with our day I was so full of joy and gratitude I decided to take a leap of faith. I wasn’t sure all about the YouTube stuff but I do know that I have a solid Twitter following so there I was with smeared eyeliner just having woken up and barely drank all my coffee going on Twitter sharing about this beautiful experience that I just had with this complete stranger. It was kind of a stream-of-consciousness conversation as I talked I shared about my baking and then I was looking forward to creating some fun cookies. J well that day turned into multiple lives Twitter post. I have been going on every couple of days and posting since then. I have kind of seen it like practice for my YouTube channel. I get to watch the videos again and look at the Analytics then see how I can learn from what I just did.

Since that day a few weeks ago I have been doing the Letting Go Cards readings for myself. I have pulled these cards three or four times the past few weeks. I keep getting the card “ letting go of being right”. At first I thought about it and asking myself if I was making myself Superior and making other people wrong?? I was sure possibly at some time this could have occured but I did not feel connected to  this idea and nothing came to me as i marinated on this idea; I started reading the card and thinking a little bit more deeply. The card talks about letting others be themselves and allowing yourself be authentic and fully self expressed. Reminding me that our value and worth are not dependent on being right. The card also says “ I’m striving for love and my relationships not superiority”. I asked myself how this applied to my life right now. I held the mirror up to myself and asked myself “am I trying to make myself wrong? Am I holding back because I want to be right?”

A couple of the other cards I pulled were: releasing fear,  trusting in life. A few days before that I pulled trusting in God and acting as if (along with the letting go of being right)

So looking back the steam is flowing. It’s embracing that events occurring in my life are not random and that the Universe to my higher power Allow myself to be myself and not worrying or being afraid of other people’s fear and judgments or opinions. Nothing is by mistake, driving by that sign, exploring these cards, the woman coming to my door, moving through fear in faith and joy to start to practice my videos….. I just need to take that leap of faith and put myself out there. Everything is a learning process and what it starts out as doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s what it’s going to end up as. (besides you know how i am about the journey/process not a destination!) So there is no right way or right time to get started. I need to embrace myself for where I’m at right now.

I started walking through the fear of seen this past year. Especially the experiences of the past few weeks! Just being myself and allowing Spirit to flow through me. Yesterday I actually tried to upload a YouTube video but there’s a learning curve there for me that I’m still going through. It doesn’t look like the video actually uploaded but it was good practice to get in front of the camera and start talking. Having courage to walk through some fear, trusting in the process, trusting in life and trusting in the universe, my higher power. Loving myself, believing in myself and embracing,with gratitude, where I’m at right now in this present moment.

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