5 Ways to go from Daytime to Playtime

5 Ways to go from Daytime to Playtime

By Stacie Ysidro

We often get consumed by the stress of the day-to-day hustle. In our busy world of caring for our family members, commuting to and from jobs, working long hours and trying to get some sleep. Practicing extreme self care is foreign  too many of us.

We all know it’s important to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get enough sleep every night. Setting time aside to be spontaneous is usually not a thought.

Yes set time aside to be spontaneous….I’m talking about sexuality now.

It’s a basic human need to experience a level of touch and intimacy on a regular basis. Studies  have shown that babies will die if they don’t receive touch and human connection what makes us think that as adults we are any different?

As adults we need an amount of non sexual touch to feel connected and fulfilled. However,  erotic touch and energetic exchange is one of the most powerful ways we experience love and connection as human beings.

We all just want to be loved and accepted, especially by our partner. As much as we want and need this it is still challenging to let go of the day and allow ourselves to experience pleasure.

Here are  5 things we can do to help transition our minds and bodies from the stress of our daily life into a blissful, orgasmic pleasure zone.

1. Commit to reserving time to connect with your partner. This time separate from time to yourself and separate than family time. Literally mark days and times out on the calendar that you both can commit to spending with each.  this is what I mean by ‘setting time aside to be spontaneous’.

2. Make the conscious decision to set aside resentments and disagreements for your erotic time together. We will always have challenges in relationships and stress throughout the day. Making a conscious decision to set those things aside allows us to experience pleasure. Agree to address those challenges in a separate time and not let them interfere with the love and connection that you need and deserve

3. Consciously give  yourself permission to relaxation and experience pleasure. Use the relaxation breath to start the process. Deep breathing circulates pleasure and energy throughout your body. Tell yourself, out loud if you have to, that you are ready to accept pleasure and relaxation now.

Take 5 minutes to practice deep breathing alone or with your partner. Allow your thoughts to drift away with each exhale, witness them instead of engaging them.

4. Create a Sacred Space for you and your partner to connect. Designate a room or place in the bedroom to be your Sacred Space. It needs to be free and clear of distractions: no phone, computer, TV, animals or kids (or kids stuff!)

5.Create a routine to help you transition from your busy day into a state of relaxation. For example take a shower or bath, doing your breathing exercises, stretch.

Perhaps you need to exert some energy go for a quick run,walk or dance. There are even ‘ecstatic dance meditations’ or movement meditations you can do to release energy so your body can sink into relaxation and pleasure.

Light candles or make a sensual playlist of your favorite music to make love to.

These are just a few ideas you can use to go from daytime to playtime. For more recommendations contact me for a coaching call. Through the coaching process we will find out what works best for you. I have numerous suggestions and resources for you to explore. You deserve to experience love, connection, pleasure and fulfillment.