Sober Sex Coaching In Tampa, Florida

Have you used alcohol or drugs to overcome social anxiety? Do you find it hard to have a good time without a drink? Does waking up the next morning unsure of what you said, or whom you might have had sex with, happen too frequently? Ready to awaken your sexual Goddess without the use of drugs or alcohol?

Often if you are using substances to loosen up around others, you are using them in many other aspects of intimacy. Expressing yourself can be scary if you do not have the communication tools necessary. Having sober sex is something that many people can't bring themselves to do.

For those who are new to a sober lifestyle, expressing themselves in a sexual way can be just like losing one's virginity all over again. Think about it. Can you close your eyes and genuinely remember the last time that you stepped into your own pleasure completely sober? Would you be able to talk to your partner about meeting your sexual desires? Would you or your partner be up for meeting those needs sober?

Sober sex coaching can help you learn to express your sexual self completely sober. Imagine the freedom of knowing your true turn-ons and how to please yourself or your partner. Imagine knowing sensual pleasure in a completely healthy way and free from shame. Holistic Progressions provides a sex-positive environment with other like-minded adults. 

If you are ready to learn who you are as a sexual being and to express it free of guilt, contact Holistic Progressions today! We are certified by the World Association of Sex Coaches. We are also a certified Erotic Blueprints™  Coach. Holistic Progressions offers sober sex coaching in Tampa, Florida as well as online. Be sure to read more about our in-person, group, and online sober sex coaching, meetups, and events. We also have resources for you to connect to others living a sober lifestyle!

Harnessing the power of your sexuality is the deepest, fastest way to transform your life.

Who are you being? Is who you are being in alignment with who you truly are? Do you find yourself sitting with “fraudy feeling” or imposter syndrome? Are you overthinking, or always keeping your mind busy? Wouldn’t you like to feel more peaceful and confident in your life?

We all have the divine within us. Life just happens and often disconnects us with our true essence. The art and purpose of life is to know and be who we are. Aligning our essence with our actions and being is part of living to the fullest.

I help people remember who they are and be who they are and even rediscover themselves all over again. If you're ready to tap back into who you are meant to be, contact me to get started!

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