Erotic Coaching and Education

Coaching Group Starting in Jan 2020

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Focusing on connecting Mind, Body, Energy, Emotions and Spirit aspects of sexuality to experience more satisfaction, fulfillment and pleasure. Discovering your sexual self. Renewing your passion and connection to your partner. Increase your erotic IQ.

Sex coaching or erotic coaching is a blend of sexology and coaching. It focuses on all things sexual: thoughts, feelings, energy, behavior patterns, expression of energy, orgasmic energy, communication, connection, education, health, relationships. We consider influences from our  community, family, spiritual, religious, socio-economic environment, while fully acknowledging your own personal desires and perspectives. 

Sex Coaches educate and advocate for your sexual health, well-being, pleasure and rights. Helping you create: action plans to achieve your goals, accountability and celebrating your successes along the way.

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Erotic Blueprint Breakthough Course

Have you ever felt like you're just going through the motions? Do you feel unfulfilled with your erotic encounters? Do you want to feel understood and accepted for who you are? Do you want a deeper connection  in your erotic experience?Do you want to increase your sexual Satisfaction?

Erotic blueprints is an 8 week course that will help you experience more passion and pleasure in your sex life whether you are single or in a relationship. Jaiya, the founder of erotic blueprints has broken down ways people experience pleasure. I am certified to help coach you through this life changing course.

You will learn to determine the blueprints, understand how to give and receive greater pleasure by feeding and speaking the blueprint. You will learn to find solutions to any blocks or challenges you are experiencing. Discover how to expand blueprints to have more variety, fun and freedom.

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Speaking, Workshops and events

Next event, Learn to Please Any Lover!

Nov 9 in Sarasota 11am-6pm

Join my meet up group, Sacred Space, for the latest monthly classes. Sacred Space Meet Up Link

Do you have an event or group that will benefit from  receiving accurate sexual health information? Are you looking for a entertaining and educational presentation that is unique and provocative? Sexuality is a topic rarely addressed that needs to be brought to the public in a nonjudgmental and positive way. I have a list of topics available for you to choose from or I am happy to address your groups specific area of interest.

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A healthy life includes a satisfying sex life!

We get to places in our lives when we get stuck in a rut or pattern that is no longer serving our greater good; we may just be board and want something different than we had before. There comes a time when we we need to increase our erotic intelligence; lean more about ourselves, our partner and how we merge together to create orgasmic bliss.

Sex coaching is an empowering process that gives you permission to learn,  explore , overcome sexual challenges or concerns and  enhance your sexual journey in a renewed positive way….how you are in the bedroom shows up in other areas of our life as well! Heal one and the others will follow.

It is my intention to be compassionate, objective and fully present without  judgments or agendas; creating a confidential space for exploration and transformation according to your aspirations.



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