Who is my Coaching for?

Who is my coaching for?

You are checking all the boxes on your to do list and are still Unfulfilled 

Are successful at work but can not seem to have success in relationships 

Questioning your purpose in life

Wondering who you are deep inside

Want to live life on your terms

Want to feel fulfilled and satisfied in every area of your life

Want a peak existence not just a peak state

People who are leaders in their life

Have follow through 

Want to have an experience, not a cookie cutter package

Are open to possibilities 

Have hope and or a vision for something better

Know what they don’t want

Want to co create a journey 

Interested in equinmanity 

Want the racing thoughts to slow down so they can enjoy their life in present time

Who is it NOT for?

Want to be told what to do

Not accountable 

Don’t want to take personal responsibility 

Only focused on the next thing ‘to do’ 

Always have to be right and make others wrong 

Thrive on conflict/schism and drama 

Unwilling to invest time and money in their own growth 

Unwilling to face your fears 

Unwilling to consider new possibilities 

Want to stay in an un-helpable state