What is Body Mapping?

Another powerful Sexuality Coaching experience!

Body mapping is a process we use to literally 'map' how your body experiences arousal and pleasure.

Everyone is wired to receive pleasure differently. Using the Erotic Blueprint types(tm) we section the body and test different sensations and touches to see how you respond.

Body mapping is great for couples and singles. Holistic Progressions offers bespoke retreats where body mapping is often a most often requested session!

Through Body Mapping, I will help you ( and your partner/s) discover how you are specifically wired to receive pleasure and go deeper into what your Core Erotic Blueprint is.

Every session is unique and catered to your individual needs. Here is a template of what to expect:

First we will start the session with container conversation to create a safe and confidential space to explore. Second, a brief description of the Blueprints, if don't know your blueprint type take the quiz here. Third, you will learn to have consent and boundaries conversations so as a result, you can re create a safe container in your real life. Next is the body mapping** experience! Upon completion of the body mapping experience and aftercare, you will receive a hand out with your discoveries  and speak into wins, insights and learnings.

The session location is at St Pete Retreat located in St Petersburg FL

Body Mapping experience investment starts at $1k

Sexuality is a topic that many people have a hard time speaking about. Not only can it be a murky topic for an individual to talk about, but expressing themselves in a sexual manner physically is often difficult. So many of us go through life without the ability to speak our sexual wants and needs to ourselves and our partners. Learning about sexuality is a social learning experience. Body Mapping is a tool you can use in your social learning experiment we call life. Body mapping and sex coaching allow a deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner. If you are interested in more pleasure, doing less, being more with deep connection and living in orgasmic energy....Sex coaching, the Erotic Blueprints and body mapping is a pathway to pleasure!

The Body Mapping Experience at the St Pete Retreat, incorporates the best of my sexuality coaching services: coaching, the Erotic Blueprints (tm), tantra (breath, sound, movement), and how to get the most out of sensation play!

Please contact me directly for online sexuality coaching options. Online sexuality coaching is a great option for those who do not wish to leave the privacy of their own home or are not able to be in the Tampa bay area.

If you are interested in a consultation to learn more about your sexuality and how you can transform your sex life, please contact me using the information below! After we speak, we can craft a short term and a long term plan that will address your concerns and empower you in your journey. Reignite the spark between your partner, and more importantly within yourself. Contact me today - I look forward to helping you live from a space of pleasure

Body mapping unlocks magic! What do you wish for??
Body Mapping is Magic! What do you wish for?