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Get out of your Head and into your Body: Body mapping experience! This is an in person experience for singles or couples.  The experience incorporates Tantra, sensation items and coaching. email me for more information

Online coaching coaching for individual or couples: Focusing on connecting Mind, Body, Energy, Emotions and Spirit aspects of sexuality to experience more satisfaction, fulfillment and pleasure. We focus on removing blocks, false beliefs and mis-education, Discovering your sexual self and expressing your sexual self, moving you towards erotic freedom, renewing your passion and connection to your partner.



Erotic Blueprint(tm) Breakthrough Course

Erotic Blueprint(tm) Breakthrough Course focused of your Sober Sex needs, is an 8-16 week program designed to help you determine your ( and partners) core blueprint. It is like the 5 love languages but for pleasure and arousal! You learn how to understand your blueprint, feed and speak the blueprints. We address any blocks or challenges along the way so you can find solutions and expand your pleasure and satisfaction. Contact me today for a complementary call to see how the Erotic Blueprint(tm) Breakthrough Course can transform your life!

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Sober Pathways to Erotic Freedom

Feb 23, March 22

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Learn to Please Any Lover...Sober!

Feb 9, 2020

March 21, 2020

April 12, 2020

location Apollo Beach FL

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Are you looking for dynamic speakers to deliver meaningful content to your group or at your event?  Sexuality is a compelling subject rarely addressed in a fun, nonjudgmental and positive way. I am available to share my experience, knowledge in an appropriate context for your event!  Bonus: Ask me about how I can lower your event cost!


Humans are sexual beings from conception until death.

In order to create personal and social harmony sexuality must be explored, developed and accepted. Sexuality encompasses more than just a physical act; it deeply involves and affects our mind, emotions, body, energy and spirit.

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