Online Sexuality Coaching...

Who Is It For ?

Have you been struggling with expressing your sexual values?

Do you have issues with setting sexual boundaries, or asking for the sexual pleasure that you desire?

You might be considering working with a professional for online sexuality coaching.

But are you a good fit? To be frank, there are some people that are going to benefit more from online sexuality coaching than others.

If you have been considering working with a sex coach, keep reading to find out if you are aligned to receiving sexuality coaching.

Consider hiring an online sexuality coach if:

You are checking all the boxes on your to do list and are still feeling unfulfilled.

You are successful at work but can not seem to have success in relationships.

You are questioning your purpose in life.

You are wondering who you are deep inside.

You want to live life on your terms.

You want to feel fulfilled and satisfied in every area of your life.

You want a peak existence not just a peak state.

You are a person who is a leader in your life.

You have follow through.

You want to have an experience, not just a cookie cutter package.

You are open to possibilities.

You have hope or a vision for something better.

You know what you don't want.

You want to co-create a journey.

You are interested in equanimity.

You want the racing thoughts to slow down so you can enjoy your life in the present time.

Working with a sex coach may not benefit those who: 

Do not want to be told what to do.

Are not accountable.

Do not want to take personal responsibility.

Are only focused on the next thing 'to do'.

Always have to be right and make others wrong.

Thrive on conflict/schism and drama.

Are unwilling to invest time and money in their own growth.

Are unwilling to face your fears.

Are unwilling to consider new possibilities.

Want to stay in an unhelpable state.

Are you aligned more with the top list If so, contact me to get started on your journey! Together we will work towards better sexual expression and stronger self confidence.

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