Sex Coaching in Tampa, Florida

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Many people have unanswered questions about sex and relationships. We have unmet desires, unspoken boundaries. In the past we did not have as many confidential, reliable spaces to talk and learn about these topics. Now you have an opportunity get all the information, have all the pleasure, have the best relationships and 

live a peak existence with grace and ease. The question is.....

Are you ready to accept the challenge of being you?

Fully, unapologetically from a space of love and ease?

I help people fully accept and express their sexuality, individually and in cocreation with their partners.  

Have better orgasms, more sex. Experience deeper intimacy and connection. Get back to the best version of you! Transform your old limiting perspective into an abundant pleasure informed perspective.

If you are looking for online or on-site sex coaching in Tampa, Florida,  Holistic Progressions is your resource. We offer sex coaching for couples and individuals. Holistic Progressions focuses on connecting the Mind, Body, Energy, Emotions, and Spirit aspects of sensuality. This achieves an experience with more confidence, saiatiation, and pleasure! We focus on removing shame, blocks, false beliefs and mis-education. Peeling the layers to remember who you are at your core. Discover your full sexual self in a warm, friendly environment with other like minded adults. Learn to express your sexuality, moving you towards erotic freedom. Experience a renewed passion and deeper connection to your partner(s). 

Looking for a more advanced sex coaching program? Something like a mini vacation and retreat to fully immerse yourself in? Visit us at the St Pete Retreat in St Petersburgh, FL. We offer bespoke, multi hour (to multi day) experiences. This is an in-person, immersive experience for singles or couples. The retreat is a co creation of your needs, desires and boundaries, the Erotic Blueprints(tm), Tantra, Kink and Coaching. 

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Discovery call is a 1hr session to see if we are a good fit to work together. We will clairify your goals, brainstorm ways to work together to achieve them and see whats holding you back. You will get to choose the coaching experience that is best for you and the cost of the call goes towards you total investment of a coaching package or retreat.

or Schedule a 

Ask Me Anything Consultation

This is a 30min consultation call where you can ask questions and/or get advice. This is not a coaching session nor is it a sales call. This is for you if you just need some basic questions answered, want a more professional, unbiased opinion, accurate information and a confidential, non judgmental setting.

These are non refundable calls. If you need to reschedule you have one chance to do so with at least 24hr notice.

Yes I am a Certified Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough(tm) Coach! 

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