Erotic Coaching in Tampa, Florida

Ready to have mind blowing sex? Not sure how to even start? While it may seem like an easy task, having epic sex might not be as easy as you think for many people. If you have been using drugs or alcohol throughout your life as a way to cope with social anxiety, it is completely normal to feel anxious about sober sex! It can be hard to get out of our head and experience pleasure in your body if you are not used to interacting with others in a sober state. If your sexual Goddess within has been silenced, it may take some work to bring her back out.

In fact, many people feel like virgins when it comes to sober sex. It is like getting to know yourself all over again. What an amazing opportunity! Sobriety comes with many health and mental benefits. When you are having sex sober, you truly can be present in the moment. You no longer have to be disconnected from your sensual self!

Erotic coaching can help you build that stronger connection to your sober self. Perhaps you are looking to gain a better sense of what you enjoy in your sexual experiences. Erotic coaching will allow you to unlock that, and so much more!

If you are looking for online or on-site erotic coaching in Tampa, Florida, Holistic Progressions is your resource. We offer erotic coaching for couples and individuals. Holistic Progressions focuses on connecting the Mind, Body, Energy, Emotions, and Spirit aspects of sensuality. This achieves an experience with more satisfaction, fulfillment, and pleasure! We focus on removing blocks, false beliefs and mis-education. Discover your full sexual self in a warm, friendly environment with other like minded adults. Learn to express your sexuality, moving you towards erotic freedom. Experience a renewed passion and deeper connection to your partner, if you have one.

Looking for a more advanced erotic coaching program? Get tapped into the pleasure your body craves through our Body Mapping Experience. This is an in-person erotic coaching experience for singles or couples. This coaching incorporates the Erotic Blueprints(tm), Tantra, and sensation items. This service happens on-site in Tampa, Florida. Get ready to awaken your sexual Goddess!