Why Sober Sex ?

So much of our culture glamorizes drugs and alcohol. Many of our sexual experiences involve drugs or alcohol in some way. What happens when the fun becomes Not fun anymore? I am here to share with you that you can have the best sex of your life without the use of drugs or alcohol!

To fully experience pleasure, connection, intimacy and fulfillment we need to be present and conscious. Putting down the substances gives us this opportunity. It can feel strange at first, like you are a virgin all over again, social anxiety can rear its ugly head, getting to know yourself is a process...That is why I am here to help you on this journey of self discovery, intimate connection and ultimate pleasure!

I have been in that dark place too and today I am grateful to share how I overcame the issues with sober sex and consciously stepped into full self expression and sexual freedom.

My Sexual Values Exploration course is a great start to redefine who you are as a sexual being.

Healing occurs through self acceptance, having compassion and forgiveness of ourselves. You can shift unhealthy behavior patterns and thought processes that are preventing you from having the fulfilling life you deserve. Allow me to partner with you in your journey. I will help you create, sustain authentic relationships. You can gain confidence and let go of the fear of rejection. You can learn to communicate effectively, set healthy boundaries all while experiencing fulfilling sexual expression....If you give yourself the chance!

Change from the inside flows out. When we change for the better the outside changes for the better effortlessly.

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