Erotic Coaching and Education

Coaching sessions for individual or couples

lost your spark?

sexual differences?

disconnected from your sensual self?

tired of sex feeling like a chore?

stop going through the motions

you can get your energy and passion back

stop looking outside of yourself and your relationship for answers

the solution is with you....let's bring it light.

Focusing on connecting Mind, Body, Energy, Emotions and Spirit aspects of sexuality to experience more satisfaction, fulfillment and pleasure. Discovering your sexual self. Renewing your passion and connection to your partner.

Ask me about what coaching program I offer is best for you.


Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course is an 8 week program designed to help you determine your ( and partners) core blueprint. You learn how to understand your blueprint, feed and speak the blueprints. We address any blocks or challenges along the way so you can find solutions and expand your pleasure and satisfaction. Contact me today for a complementary call to see how the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course can transform your life!

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Speaking engagements and presentations

Join us at Path to Passion October 25-27 2019 in Denver CO

Do you have an event or group that will benefit from  receiving accurate sexual health information? Are you looking for a entertaining and educational presentation that is unique and provocative? Sexuality is a topic rarely addressed that needs to be brought to the public in a nonjudgmental and positive way. I have a list of topics available for you to choose from or I am happy to address your groups specific area of interest.


Humans are sexual beings from conception until death.

In order to create personal and social harmony sexuality must be explored, developed and accepted. Sexuality encompasses more than just a physical act; it deeply involves and affects our mind, emotions, body, energy and spirit.

Special areas of interest...

Are as followed but not limited to: getting connected to you sensual self, rekindling passion, compulsive behavior with porn, sex and/or self pleasure; sex and recovery; spiritual sexuality;  sexual patterns and enhanced pleasure. Sexual archetype discovery. Relationship communication skills. Spiritual exploration and metaphysical consultations. Life path discovery.


Next Steps...

Send me an email to or fill out the contact form. Introduce yourself and briefly, tell me what you are seeking. We will set up a complementary 15 minute phone call about coaching can help you.